Saturday, February 13, 2010

Totally Geek to Totally Chic - 80's Movie Weekend

If you frequent here, then you know I've already posted this weekend's movie once before, but I love this 80's classic featuring a young McDreamy and a hot Amanda Peterson... also featuring a young Seth Green and so many great scenes, have a great Valentine's Day, and remember that money "Can't Buy Me Love"...

the trailer...

part 1 of 10 (you can watch the other nine parts on youtube if you've never seen it before or just want to rewatch it again!)...

Can't Buy Me Love

Directed by Steve Rash
Produced by Thom Mount
Written by Michael Swerdlick
Starring Patrick Dempsey
Amanda Peterson
Courtney Gains
Tina Caspary
Seth Green
Music by Robert Folk
Cinematography Peter Lyons Collister
Editing by Jeff Gourson
Distributed by Touchstone Pictures
Release date(s) 14 August 1987
(North America)
December 31, 1987
Running time 94 min.
Country United States
Language English
Gross revenue $31,623,833 (USA)[1]

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